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In response to these unprecedented times of COVID-19, and the longer-term needs of independent optometry practices, we have built Lens IQ –  A user-friendly platform that enables you to remotely monitor your patients’ contact lens performance. Given the heightened need to interact with patients more remotely, this tool will provide data that can minimize chair time – or even eliminate the need for a follow-up visit. In addition, Lens IQ enables you to quickly intercede if the patient begins dropping out while testing a trial lens. It also provides an additional touch point to initiate the patient order lenses directly through your office rather than another party. And of course, there is no cost for you or your patients to use Lens IQ.

With Lens IQ you can:

Gather real-time data on your patients’ lens wearing experience

Monitor patients’ ease-of-insertion, comfort, visual acuity and average time worn

Determine which trial lenses are best for your patients

Free up chair time for you and your practice

Provide patients with online tools that show you value their time

ECP -Lens IQ

ECP Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for Eye Care Professionals on how to set up your patients with Lens IQ.

Patient Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for your patients on how to download and navigate through the Lens IQ mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

Lens IQ is an app for Eye Care Practitioners and their patients to utilize together.  It enables the practitioner to monitor their patients contact lens comfort to ensure an optimal wearing experience. 

Eye Care Practitioners will register a patient online, and then the patient downloads the app from the app store.  Using the app, patients evaluate the performance of their prescribed lenses based on ease of insertion, comfort, visual acuity and average time worn. Doctors can view the patients’ wearability scores to determine if the trial lenses are providing a good lens wearing experience. 

Lens IQ enables you to get a more accurate read on how your patients contact lens is performing.  Rather than a verbal evaluation based on a follow-up visit/conversation with your patient, you get daily scaled ratings – 3 times a day – on ease of insertion, comfort and visual acuity. 

Lens IQ can also free up time for you – and your patients.  If your patients are happy with the comfort and visual acuity of the trial contact lens(es) you prescribe, and you’re happy with how your patients rate the lens(es) on Lens IQ, you can forego the follow-up visit.  This frees up chair time for you and saves a visit for your patients.

Many aspects of our life are moving toward online communication, services and telemedicine – patients are not only starting to want this, but expect it.  Especially during these challenging times.

Based on the lens performance documented by your patients, Lens IQ can free up chair time for you and your practice.  If your patients are documenting great comfort and vision from the trial lens(es) you prescribed, you can forgo the follow-up visit and the patient can order their prescription directly through you.  In addition to freeing up time for you, it’s great for your practice to be offering remote options for your patients – especially during these times of social distancing.

Patients want options – especially when it comes to saving time.  Lens IQ can actually save your patients the follow-up visit if the lens is performing well – based on you reading their results.  Your patients will also have an increased sense of comfort knowing that you are closely monitoring their wearing experience even when they are not in your office.

There no cost to download or use the Lens IQ app – it is completely free.  This holds true for both patients and ECPs. 

No, Lens IQ is a tool for you to remotely monitor your patients contact lens comfort no matter what contact lens you prescribe.

The app is available for Android (v8.0.1 or higher) and IOS (11 or higher) platforms. Patients will be referred to Lens IQ by the ECP. The ECP and patient will be connected via patient email.  Patients simply download the app and input their email when promoted.

Due to the current circumstances, HIPAA has made modifications with their compliance policy that make it easier for doctors to assist patients in a remote fashion. Due to these changes, Lens IQ is currently compliant in its current stage.  As we expand and add more functionally, we will be adhering to the standard HIPAA guidelines.