Extreme H2O Products

The Extreme H2O product portfolio offers options that are not readily available from other manufacturers. Our lenses provide solutions for patients with specific fitting needs.  Therefore, they are an integral component to your contact lens offering. 

All products are made with non-ionic, ultra-hydrating materials that retain 97% to 99% of their moisture, keeping eyes fresh and hydrated all day long. 

Extreme H2O Small Lens - 13.6

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Replacement

  • Patients who have small corneas or lid apertures
  • Patients who need easy insertion and removal

Extreme H2O Large Lens - 14.8

Daily and Weekly Replacement

  • Patients with larger than average corneas
  • More stable on the eye and less likely to fall out or decenter during athletic activity
  • Provides full coverage and sits under the lid – interaction from lens edge is gone
  • Full coverage reduces the feeling of dryness

Extreme H2O Toric

Monthly Replacement

  • Toric LC – Lowest available cyl (-0.65) – no longer mask with spherical equivalency (Extreme H2O 54 is the spherical companion)
  • Toric MC – Designed for the 21% of patients with astigmatism from 1.00D to 1.50D
  • TORIColors – The only opaque color disposable toric contact lens

Extreme H2O 54

Monthly Replacement

  • Durable and comfortable material available in 2 diameter options
  • 13.6 – Patients who would benefit from a small lens design
  • 14.2 – Patients with average to large size corneas

Extreme H2O Monthly

Monthly Replacement

  • 3 base curve options for an optimum fit
  • Patients who need a comfort upgrade from Group 4 or SiHy lenses
  • Patients who want an affordable wearing option

Extreme H2O 59

Bi-Weekly Replacement

  • Problem-solving lens for patients who experience dryness and discomfort
  • Middle-aged wearers and patients living in low humidity areas
  • Patients taking certain medications and allergy sufferers
  • Patients who work in climate-controlled offices and/or computer users

Differentiate your practice with Extreme H2O.