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Extreme H2O
Recovery Program

78% - 84% off 6-pack products.
You decide your profits.

$5.00 Extreme H2O 6-packs - yes, this is less than our cost!

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During this unprecedented crisis, Clerio Vision would like to demonstrate our continued commitment to Independent Eye Care Practitioners who are trying to make up for lost profits. To achieve this, we are offering all Extreme H2O 6pk products at $5.00 per box, in spite of the fact that this price is significantly lower than our costs. Only you know what is the best for your practice and what to charge your patients, so whatever you decide, we support you!

made in usa

Extreme H2O is 100% manufactured in the USA

See your savings

Extreme H2O 54

13.6 & 14.2

List Price: $22.70 / 6pk

ERP Price:  $5.00

Savings: $17.70 (78%)

Extreme H2O Toric


List Price: $31.45 / 6pk

ERP Price:  $5.00

Savings: $26.45 (84%)

Extreme H2O 59

Thin & Xtra

List Price: $24.75 / 6pk

ERP Price:  $5.00

Savings: $19.75 (80%)

We are also providing the tools for you to promote Extreme H2O on your social media platforms. Click here to download sized Instagram and Facebook photos. Again, we want to make it easy for you to communicate with your patients, get them in great contact lenses – at a great profit for you. 

How it works

All 6-pack products

The program is good on all Extreme H2O products (Extreme H2O 54, Extreme H2O Toric, and Extreme H2O 59).

$5.00 for all 6-packs

This unique promotion will continue until July 31, 2020. The $5.00 price will be valid for one month from the first fit you make at the discounted price. You decide when to start your month.

Unlimited number of new patients

Patients are limited to two boxes, but there is no limit to how many patients you fit. The only thing we ask is that you use it for your patients who are new to Extreme H2O.


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