Extreme H2O 13.6 

The best contact lens comfort comes from a lens that fits correctly and a material that stays hydrated.  Our small diameter lens is perfect for: 

  • Tight lids 
  • Small corneas 
  • New wearers
  • Patients who need easy insertion and removal 
  • Patients looking for end of day comfort
Pretty Asian woman

When certain patients walk into your practice, reach for a 13.6 diameter contact lens.

Pretty Asian woman

TIght Lids

Not all lid apertures are the same. Certain ethnicities have physical characteristics or epicanthal folds and would benefit from a smaller diameter contact lens. 

Small Corneas

Why put the standard 14.2 diameter on your patients with smaller corneas?  A 13.6 size  will fit better and greatly improve their contact lens comfort.  A perfect solution for patients who have HVID < 11.3.

New Wearers

Every practice has patients that can’t master insertion and removal – especially first time wearers. The smaller size can be easier to handle for these patients. 

Ultra Hydrating Materials

Extreme H2O 13.6 lenses are made with naturally hydrating materials that retain up to 99% of their water throughout the entire wear time.  Surface coatings are not needed to get the comfort your patients are looking for.


Make 13.6 a part of your practice.
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