A smaller size can make a huge difference

Sometimes you need a smaller couch, or a smaller contact lens...

The best contact lens comfort comes from a lens that fits correctly.  The problem is, most disposable contact lenses come in a standard 14.2 diameter – but this is not the right size or fit for all of your patients.  Studies show that about 14% of your patients would benefit from a smaller size contact lens.  Our small Extreme H2O 13.6 lens is perfect for:

  • Small corneas
  • Tight lids
  • New wearers
  • Patients who need easy insertion and removal 
  • Patients looking for end of day comfort 

When certain patients walk into your practice, reach for a Extreme H2O 13.6

Pretty Asian woman

Tight Lids

Not all lid apertures are the same. Certain ethnicities have physical characteristics or epicanthal folds and would benefit from a smaller diameter contact lens. 

New Wearers

Every practice has patients who can’t master insertion and removal – especially first time wearers. The smaller size can be easier to handle for these patients. 


Small Corneas

Why put the standard 14.2 diameter on your patients with smaller corneas? A 13.6 size will fit better and greatly improve their contact lens comfort. A perfect solution for patients who have HVID < 11.3.

Ultra Hydrating Materials

Extreme H2O 13.6 lenses are made with naturally hydrating materials that retain up to 99% of their water throughout the entire wear time.  Surface coatings are not needed to get your patients the comfort they are looking for.

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Extreme H2O is 100%
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